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APPLIED Psychology in Effective Communication Skills (May 3, 2016)

May 3, 2016: This training was successfully completed in our center recently. It was the first step to influencing skills. What made this training unique was the emphasis on Active Listening skills, a skill often been put less attention or rather ignored by many of us when communicate with each other. This was a very important techniques everyone should occupy to achieve win-win communication.


"Class Activities: Role play between participants"

Through this training, participants also learned the secret of core communication by knowing the skills to ask open and close question as well as when to ask which kind of question to get the information you needed. Besides, trainer also introduced the importance of being an effective listener in communication and how body language aid to achieve effective communication.


Mr. Bryan Ng, the expert trainer that coupled with rare combination of Finance + Management + Psychology background made this training a real interesting learning climate to participants. He used role play and group activities throughout this training to enhance participants learning. It was filled with fun whereby all participants were put into different scenario to personally experience the skills learned in class. At the end of the training, participants were asked to reflect what had been learned and made commitment for future improvement.



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