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AVERIS: Creative Excel for Productivity & Efficiency (March 20th & 21st , 2017)


March 20th & 21st , 2017: We had just completed an In House training in our training centre. This is one of the most popular topics among all our Productivity & Efficiency training programs. The major learning of this training was the tips and tricks as well as practical applications of Excel functions & ability to prepare, edit and analyse any data resourcefully.

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For training effectiveness, our trainer included various practical exercises and creative application of excel throughout the class. Trainer given participants a few challenges to work on that helped a lot in providing them with a better understanding on the main key features of Microsoft Excel. Participants really had a good time and enjoyed themselves at the training.

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Our course trainer, Ms. Shireen Ng was an experienced auditor and credit analyst with a decade of experience in the financial services industry prior to joining our training team. She had been actively conducting public and in-house training for many well known organizations, including MNC, GLCs, government department, private sectors and more.

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