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Building Financial Models for Decision Making (Part II)

Nov 23-24, 2015: We were engaged by one of the Financial Institution to conduct above training. The course trainer, Ms. Shireen Ng was an experienced auditor and credit analyst with a decade of experience in the financial services industry prior to joining our training team. She had been actively conducting public and in-house training for many well known organizations, including MNC, GLCs, government department, private sectors and more. 


" Explanation on Excel functions by Ms Shireen Ng "

In this training, participants learned to create all the 6 Financial Models. Throughout these 2 days, they were trained to creatively integrate various Excel functions to achieve desired results at work.  This helped to increase their job efficiency by leveraging on technology. Last but not least, they leveraged on special Excel features to assist in their analysis as well. 

Participants enjoyed this training because Ms. Shireen had quoted various real-life examples she had encountered throughout her career life. The class was filled with laughter and joy.

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