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May 11-12, 2016: The trainer, Ms Joanne Kok, a certified accountant with diverse experience in the fields of audit, manufacturing, investment holding and training. Ms Kok has trained on various topics, namely, GST Impact on Business Operation, Budget & Variance Analysis for Accountants, Effective Credit Management for Results, VBA for Accountants, Financial Models using MS Excel and other finance related topics. Her training sessions are practical and performance orientated hence both experiential and beneficial to participants. Her ability to reduce technical issues to practical problems and solutions is renowned and this allows her participants to apply their learning at work immediately. Continue reading
May 9-10, 2016: We had recently completed this back by popular demand in house training for one of our client. In this training, participants learned practical Excel tips & tricks as well formulas to massage and clean up data for further analysis. Ms. Joanne provided step-by-step guide to participants to manage pool of data and turned it into useful data. Throughout the training, she also incorporated many real-life exercises and challenges to participants to check out their understanding. Continue reading
Mar 6-7, 2016: Another successful leadership training collaborated with our partner, one of the well- known Financial Institution. This training was mainly focusing on 4 areas, "The Reality"- What is happening now, "The Missing Link"- How to close the gap and become a business leader, "Paradigm Shifting"-Important elements to transform to perform and lastly what is the characteristics of a Super CFO. Participants learned how to transform from a number cruncher to a Business Leader. Continue reading
Feb-Mar, 2016: We make a return for this client due to the effective result since the past training in 2015. In this training, participants learned to understand the role of leader as well as practical tips to achieve high performance. Trainer used various case studies, video, exercises and role plays during this training. The class was filled with laughter and interesting discussion. Continue reading
Mar 3-4 :We had just completed another in house training on above topic. This training was one of the most popular program under our APPLIED Technology series. It was the entry level training for all our Excel program. In this training, participants learned the tips & tricks to increase their job productivity. Continue reading
20-21 Jan, 2016: We had just completed an In House training in our training centre. Due to overwhelming demands and learning transfer experiences by this client, we were granted with a series of training for them ranking from Productivity & Efficiency Series, Financial Modelling up to VBA and Dashboard.​ Continue reading
Dec 4-5: We had recently completed a team building for one of our client. A group of 60 participants consisting managers, senior managers, GM and country managers were invited for this in house team building training. There were as many as 8 different countries from Malaysia, China, Australia, India, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Philippine attending this team building. Continue reading
Nov 24, 2015: We had successfully completed this customized leadership training for our client lately. Throughout this training, participants learned to understand the importance of effective communication in leading an organization or department. The class went deeper where participants practiced various techniques to create win-win communication. Continue reading
Nov 23-24, 2015: We were engaged by one of the Financial Institution to conduct above training. The course trainer, Ms. Shireen Ng was an experienced auditor and credit analyst with a decade of experience in the financial services industry prior to joining our training team. She had been actively conducting public and in-house training for many well known organizations, including MNC, GLCs, government department, private sectors and more. Continue reading
Nov 16-17, 2015: Another program that was successfully conducted in our training centre. This training provided a learning platform for participants to quickly apply amazing smart Excel tips and tricks to manage the pool of data even though the data arrived late to the department. They learned to massage, clean up the data within the shortest time. Continue reading