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Nov 16-17, 2015: Another successfully completed leadership training collaborated with our Brunei partner. Through this experiential training, Finance Leaders learned to transform and perform more than a 'Watch Dog" and "Number Cruncher" and acquired the right mindset a new edge finance manager need. Continue reading
Oct 21-22, 2015: Being a good Finance Person was no longer sufficient; it was now the era that finance person to go beyond than a number cruncher. By understanding the need, we developed this course aligned with real-life scenario most finance leaders faced during their corporate working life. Continue reading
Oct 19-20, 2015: We had run another successful in house training on our most sought after program in the list- Creative Excel for Productivity & Efficiency. This program is the first entry level program for our range of Excel programs. This training included various useful Excel smart tips and tricks to enhance participants learning. Continue reading
Oct 19-20, 2015: This training was conducted by our professional trainer, Ms. Joanne Kok for one of the Financial Institution in Malaysia. Ms. Joanne was a certified accountant with diverse experience in the fields of audit, manufacturing, investment holding and training. Having served as a Financial Controller during her career, she honed her managerial, operational and financial analytical skills to achieve goals beyond managing credit, inventory and business processes. Continue reading
Sep 9-10: We had successfully conducted an in house training on "Effective Budgeting Model & What If Analysis for Accountants" for our client. This training was a handy program designed for Finance & Accounting personnel who handle Budgets of the organization to revamp the conventional Budgeting process. Participants also learned about what-if analysis to allow quick changes when need raised. Continue reading
Aug 26-27, 2015: We had successfully conducted an in house training on "Automating Financial Functions for Data Analysis & Decision Making" for our client. From this training, participants learned to build, communicate, understand or audit robust financial models, quicker. Make the spread sheet more useful by using the full capabilities of Excel to enhance the Financial Management in their company. Continue reading
Sep 2-3, 2015: Our trainer, Ms. Joanne had successfully conducted a practical training on Effective Business Data Management & Analysis. Ms. Joanne is a certified accountant with diverse experience in the fields of audit, manufacturing, investment holding and training. She has trained on various topics, namely, Budget & Variance Analysis for Accountants, Effective Credit Management for Results, VBA for Accountants, Financial Models using MS Excel and other finance related topics. Her training sessions are hands on and performance orientated hence both experiential and beneficial to participants. Continue reading
Jul 27 & Aug 20-21, 2015: We had customized this 3 days training to fulfill our clients' need. This is a training that covered business data management, budget planning, coordination of budget and budgetary control. Different types of approaches in budgeting such as Zero Base Budget, Incremental Budgeting and Activity Based Budgeting were discussed. Continue reading