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Aug 12-13, 2015: Advance Charting Essentials for Dashboard Reporting was another successful in-house training conducted for one of our client. Participants were given practical training on how to creatively use advance excel functions to create charts and data reports quickly and effectively. On top of that, participants were given very good understanding on preparing and analysing the data using the right charts and also on integrating excel functions to generate dynamic charts. Continue reading
Aug 3-4, 2015: We had completed another in house training on this first entry level program for our Excel programs. Creative Excel for Productivity and Efficiency was one of our top ranking program. This training included various useful Excel shortcut keys, smart tips and tricks to enhance participants learning. Everything you need to know about Excel was included I this training. Continue reading
Aug 5, 2015: Our Lead trainer, Mr. Bryan had successfully conducted this 1 day leadership training. Mr. Bryan is an international speaker, specializes in coaching new and emerging managers. He has worked hand in hand with CEOs in developing training modules and projects to develop and coach employees that have been earmarked as the next generation managers and created excellent breakthrough results within a short period of time. Continue reading
Aug 7-8, 2015: We had successfully completed another leadership in house training last week. This training was conducted by our Lead Trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng who coupled with strong Psychology + Management experience. As a very hands-on trainer, people who attended his training find his training was easy to understand, systematic and practical. He advocated practical, fun and smart learning throughout his training. Continue reading
Jul 22-23, 2015: Another successfully completed in-house leadership training for our client. This training served as a transformation platform for Finance Leader to transform and perform more than a 'Watch Dog" and "Number Cruncher". Continue reading
Jul 28-29, 2015: This training was one of the most wanted trainings for our In House training, an eye opener course for finance people to know about modeling. Participants learned smart Excel tips and tricks in this 2 days training. On top of that, this training also included the most useful and relevant financial models as well as budgeting models. Continue reading
Jul 29-30, 2015: Creative Excel 2007 for Productivity & Efficiency was an in house training programme that was successfully conducted at our client premise. This training programme was a fundamental yet an important Excel entry level program that helped participants to leverage on Excel shortcut keys to increase productivity and efficiency at work. Continue reading