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April 22-23, 2015: This in house training was successfully completed for our client in Oil & Gas industry. The training objective for this program is aim to equip participants with knowledge to determine factors in budget planning, co-ordination and control process. Moreover, it also served as a platform for participants to understand the pre-requisite to prepare a complete budget. Continue reading
April 15-16, 2015: This training was another successful in house training conducted for one of the well-known oil & gas company operated in Malaysia. This was a special customized training emphasized on the understanding of Financial Statements for non finance professionals using Excel. Continue reading
April 2015: Another new wonderful kick off for this year in Shanghai, China where a group of managers were gather together with the aim to focus and consolidate leadership understanding and skills through effective role play and discussions in order to learn, unlearn, relearn and have a deeper understanding of HUMAN PSYCHOLOGICAL in order to effectively shape and move the organization into a new height. Continue reading
April 2015: Every participant has fully participated throughout the 2 days. Participants were quite initially, but with the engaging and fun ice breaker, all participants warm up and started to actively participate in the lab. Continue reading
April 10-11, 2015: Another practical yet interesting in house leadership training was conducted at our cozy training center in PJ. This is a 1 +1 training where it emphasizes on creating and becoming the master of our own emotions at the same time learning how to effectively communicate with others. Continue reading
MAR 26- 27, 2015:Creative Excel 2007 for Productivity & Efficiency was an in house training programme that was successfully conducted at our training centre. This training programme was a basic yet an important Excel entry level program that helped participants to quantum leap the productivity and efficiency at work. Continue reading
MAR 11 - 12, 2015: Creative Excel for Productivity & Efficiency was a successful in house training conducted in UKM, Bangi. This was a very good and a knowledgeable training that helped the participant to speed up their work within the short period of time given. This training programme highlights on the tips and tricks and also on how to use shortcut keys in general. Continue reading
JAN 27, 2015: GST is only 2 months away - Limited time left! This training not only served as an introduction of GST 2015 but also addressed the grey areas of this new tax system to provide a clear picture to our clients on the GST framework, how does GST work, accounting impact on business and implementation process. This training is an entry program for participants to acquire and understand the key elements of GST and its mechanism. Continue reading
On-Going 2014: Many participants realized the tremendous power of people management skills after attending my training. However, achieving training performance does not mean creating results in job performance. This is because the moment a participant is back to work, whether they can apply the knowledge and skill learnt is also affected by many other factors such as workload, resource availability, opportunity to practice, supervisor/peer support including organizational culture. Continue reading