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April 26th-27th, 2017: APPLIED Tech People has successfully conducted a public training on "HR Toolkits for HR Managers". This course aims to effectively perform with lasting results, by discovering new tips and tricks in doing Excel creatively focusing specifically on common HR related work and challenges. The ability to create simple macro to automate certain processes enables HR personnel to work smart while managing their time wisely. Continue reading
April 10th-11th, 2017: We had successfully conducted an in-house training on a topic called Excel VBA Made Simple recently in our training centre. This training programme is an entry program for participant who wanted to explore the power of Excel VBA. This program will provide concepts and practical tips and tricks of VBA programming. However, what made this program special is that participants are not forced to learn every function in VBA but focuses on the useful skills required to deal with Accountant's daily task. Continue reading
April 7th, 2017: Another powerpack and practical training program, Leadership & Corrective Feedback was successfully being completed. This unique training aims at shaping the mindset and skillset of the participants to help them to master the skills on how to effectively give constructive feedback to their staff when something goes wrong. Something every manager must do constantly at work if the managers really wants to create impactful results at work. Continue reading
February 15th & 16th, 2017: One of our most sought after training "Automating Financial Functions for Data Analysis and Decision Making was completed successfully. In this training, participants learned to the smart tips & tricks to leverage on Excel to increase job productivity and efficiency. The case studies and challenges included in this class were tailor-made for participants with Finance and Accounting background. This is the first step for finance personnel to get the fundamental quick step before proceed to next level of training on Financial Modelling. Continue reading
September 26&27, 2016: We had successfully conducted our Excel VBA Made Simple training recently in our training Centre. Through this program, participants are able to extend the functionalities of MS Excel to meet their work preferences using programming technique. Beside learning VBA step- by-step, giving the hands on experience, participants are able to use this knowledge to improve personal efficiency, simplifies work and focus on important things that require attention, thereby increasing the value of the participants towards the organization. This program was led by our experienced trainer, Ms. Joanne Kok. Continue reading
September 30, 2016: Another successful strike for the series of leadership program again conducted by Applied Tech in our cozy training Centre. This program is highly recommended as it is the first step to influencing skills. In this program, we emphasis on Active Listening Skills, a skill which often been put less attention or being ignored by us when communicate with each other. Continue reading