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5-7 September, 2016: We made it easy for you. Instead of attending 2 Days + 2 Days training program, APPLIED Tech specially created a 3 Days training program, 'Data Management and Budgeting Model' conducted by our most capable trainer, Ms. Joanne Kok. After attending the programs, the participants learned how to integrate data sources and prepare useful information for reporting purposes. The trainer teaches how to interact the budget data for what if analysis and learned how to prepare various code budgets effectively with MS Excel 2010. Continue reading
15 & 16 August,2016: Once again we have completed our most popular excel topic, "Creative Excel for Productivity & Efficiency" conducted by one of our experienced trainer, Ms Shireen Ng. Unlike other normal IT program, this training focus more on how to apply the functionalities and creatively applied it back to work. Participants were trained to leverage on Excel functions and capability to prepare, edit and analyze any data creatively with the aids of real case problems in so the they can understand more and bring it back to the work environment. Throughout the training, Ms Shireen used many examples, real case experienced, up to date training materials, and using a layman language in order for the participant to understand better. Continue reading
August 18&19, 2016: APPLIED Tech People has lately conducted a successful public training on "Financial Forecasting, What-If Analysis & Quick Feasibility Study". This is one of the Financial Modelling training for finance personnel. The training objective of this program is enable participants to build Excel forecasting models that supports efficient decision making. This training was not only covered excel tips and tricks with time savings technique to build Financial Model, most importantly it also equipped participants with skills to prepare What-If Analysis, some simple Macro Recording to automate repetitive tasks. Continue reading
June 23 - 24,2016: Another successful in house training for the above topic. This training topic is the among the most popular Excel program under our APPLIED Technology series. The course trainer, Ms. Shireen Ng, an experienced auditor and credit analyst with a decade of experience in the financial services industry. Having expertise in Microsoft Excel coupled with practical accounting, auditing and credit management background, all these allow Shireen to aid the participants to integrate the tips and tricks to the most efficient solution for their needs, and thereby increasing their proficiency in applying what they have Continue reading
June 18 & 25, 2016: One of our most sought after training "Automating Financial Functions for Data Analysis and Decision Making was completed successfully. In this training, participants learned to the smart tips & tricks to leverage on Excel to increase job productivity and efficiency. The case studies and challenges included in this class were tailor-made for participants with Finance and Accounting background. This is the first step for finance personnel to get the fundamental quick step before proceed to next level of training on Financial Modelling. Continue reading
June 27, 2016: We had recently completed another leadership program "Leadership & Team Development", that was conducted in our training centre.The objectives of this training are mainly focusing on creating awareness, building on trust and experience the 8 characteristics of a high performing team and understand the importance of playing to different strengths and skills in order for the participant to fully understand the strength and weakness of each and every team member. Continue reading
16 June 2016:It's been another successful training for APPLIED Tech this year. In this training, participants learned to understand financial information and interpret the financial statements to enhance quick decision making. With such understanding, participants were equipped with knowledge to comprehend important financial information in managing business entities as well as the relationship of corporate objective, business unit and company financials. Continue reading
May 4-5, 2016: This overall leadership training was one of the most popular training in our centre. Throughout the training, trainer used various real-life case studies as well as shared his experience in the corporate world to enhance participants learning. He also incorporated role play and video to test on leaders' perspective on the current thinking of managing people. Continue reading