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May 3, 2016: This training was successfully completed in our center recently. It was the first step to influencing skills. What made this training unique was the emphasis on Active Listening skills, a skill often been put less attention or rather ignored by many of us when communicate with each other. This was a very important techniques everyone should occupy to achieve win-win communication. Continue reading
Apr 4-5, 2016: We had recently completed our most popular topic "Creative Excel for Productivity & Efficiency" in our training centre. This smart Excel tips & tricks training was conducted by one of our most sought after trainer Ms. Shireen Ng. She was an experienced auditor and credit analyst with a decade of experience in the financial services industry. Over the years, she had conducted many public programs as well as in house training locally. Her clients including listed companies, MNCs, government department, private sector and many more. Continue reading
Mar 19, 2016: Another successful Mandarin class we had completed in our training centre. This mindset training is the first step to personal effectiveness leadership training. In this training, participants learned about Johari Window and core quality. Besides, trainer also shared the importance of professionalism, responsibility and respect at workplace and individual life. Continue reading
Mar 14-15, 2016: One of our most sought after training "Automating Financial Functions for Data Analysis and Decision Making was completed successfully. In this training, participants learned to the smart tips & tricks to leverage on Excel to increase job productivity and efficiency. The case studies and challenges included in this class were tailor-made for participants with Finance and Accounting background. This is the first step for finance personnel to get the fundamental quick step before proceed to next level of training on Financial Modelling. Continue reading
Mar 2, 2016: This training was conducted by our lead trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng, with practical background on psychology as well as financial knowledge. He always quoted various real-life case studies in his training to ensure participants learned the gist of his training. Continue reading
Mar 9-10: The course trainer, Ms. Joanne Kok is an accountant by profession. She has many years of corporate working experience and has served as a Financial Controller in China. With her corporate experience in finance industry, she shared various case studies with the participants. Budgeting training was one of her most popular topics that many past participants rated her full mark with 5 out of 5. Continue reading
Feb 24-25, 2016: We had recently completed one of our most sought after training "Transform to Perform for Finance Leaders" in our training center. This training was conducted by our lead trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng, with practical background on psychology as well as financial knowledge. His diverse corporate experience made his training unique and easy to understand. Continue reading
Feb 26, 2016: This practical training aimed to help managers who were not from accounting background but need to understand basic financial jargon and process. One of the interesting exercises and challenges would be on "AEIL" & Capital expenditure as well as revenue. Participants were asked to categories the items such as stationary, computers and others into the correct category. On top of that, participants were encouraged to share their opinions and suggestions throughout the class. Continue reading
Dec 9-10, 2015: Finance transformation was critical if finance was to keep up with the changing needs and strategies of the business. Being a good Finance Person was no longer sufficient; it was now the era that finance person to go beyond than a number cruncher. Be prepared to answer the question, "What's in it for me". Continue reading