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Dec 14-15, 2015: We had successfully completed this training lately. In this training, participants learned how to effectively prepare and present slides clearly and concisely. The course trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng had extensive management and financial experience and was a Corporate General Manager of a Trading House. His diverse experience in management, finance as well as IT knowledge made his training unique. People who attended his training will find his training easy to understand, systematic and practical. Being a powerful speaker, he has frequently been invited to speak in different overseas countries such as China, USA, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore. Continue reading
Nov 23-24, 2015: We had successfully conducted our Excel VBA Made Simple training recently in our training centre. From this training, participants learned to use macro recorder to record a task. At the same time, they learned to execute the task repeatedly. Trainer also demonstrated various useful ways to edit the existing VBA code to suit participants' unique needs. Continue reading
Nov 16-17, 2015: Another program that was successfully conducted in our training centre. This training provided a learning platform for participants to quickly apply amazing smart Excel tips and tricks to manage the pool of data even though the data arrived late to the department. They learned to massage, clean up the data within the shortest time. Continue reading
November 11, 2015: We had successfully re-run one of the most demanded leadership training's in our training centre. This training was the first step to influencing skills. From this training, participants learned to understand the secret to core communication as well as techniques to leverage on communication to create win-win solutions. Participants learned the golden rule in communication-"Effective Listening Skills" in this training too. Continue reading
Nov 12-13, 2015: Our trainer, Ms. Joanne had successfully completed another training "Effective Budgeting Model & What If Analysis for Accountants". From this training, participants learned quicker access to budget planning preparation, review control and variance analysis. At the end of training, they visualized all pieces of budget planning to make more focused, effective decisions on resources. Continue reading
Oct 23, 2015 : 2015: So often we heard stories of "think out of the box", what if it happened on you, how should you REACT? In this training, participants learned to understand the role of leader in creating breakthrough thinking and converted creative ideas into actionable plan. The gist of this training was to acquire strategies to lead and build on other's ideas to achieve breakthroughs Continue reading
Oct 9, 2015: Another training successfully completed in our training center. This training was focusing on advance communication in people management. From the training, participants learned to give and receive feedback in a constructive manner and acquired techniques to handle the discussion during corrective feedback. Trainer had demonstrated how to apply core communication techniques systematically. Continue reading
Oct 26-27, 2015: We had conducted this training successfully to guide our participants leveraged excel functions and charts to create easy yet unique interactive dashboard report – plus combining what-if analysis with functions and buttons, for quick and interactive management analysis. Continue reading