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Oct 15-16, 2015: Our Lead Trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng has successfully conducted this collaborative training with one of the professional institution in Penang. This training was an essential training for any finance leader. It emphasized how crucial the new edge finance manager should acquire the right mindset to further transform into a good leader. From the training, it helped participants to understand the importance of managing not only tasks but also people. Besides, participants also learned to be familiar with the new emerging roles during the economic crisis. Continue reading
Oct 23, 2015: APPLIED Tech had successfully carried out another customized in house Leadership skill and Mindset program on "Effective Communication & Relationship Building". It was an interesting training focused on understanding the empowerment of inner and inter communication skills. Continue reading
Sep 29-30, 2015: We were engaged by one of the financial institution to conduct a training on "Financial Modelling Using Excel 2010". From this training, participants learned to leverage on Excel functions to enhance the Financial Models and prepare Financial Forecast by years with detail supporting worksheets for future changes – A MUST attend for participants who wanted to prepare & understand basic financials forecasting & budgeting. Continue reading
Oct 6, 2015 : APPLIED Tech has successfully conducted one of our most wanted leadership training, "The Bridge: Effective Communication Skills. This training was conducted by our Lead Trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng. He is a unique trainer who had extensive management and psychology expertise. He has been conducting training for professionals nationally and internationally in transformation leadership for the past 14 years. Continue reading
Sep 28-29, 2015: We were engaged by one of the Financial Institution to run our top 5 public program training on "Creative Excel for Productivity & Efficiency". This is the first entry level program for our other Excel programs. This training included various useful Excel smart tips and tricks to enhance participants learning. Continue reading
Sept 9-10, 2015: Advance Charting & Essentials Dashboard for Reporting was another successful public training conducted in our training centre. Participants learned to use advance excel functions to create charts and data reports quick and effectively. Participants attended this training were introduced to useful Excel techniques specifically on preparing and analysing the data using the right charts. Continue reading
​Aug 27 2015: This Brand New 1 day public training was successfully conducted in our training centre. From this training, participants learned how to uncover the hidden useful add-in in Excel 2010 in order to manage massive data right at Desktop. It empowered the users to conquer an unlimited spectrum of analytical, reporting, and modelling needs. Continue reading
Aug 17-19, 2015: Our trainer, Ms. Joanne had successfully conducted this 3 Days Public Training on Data Management & Budgeting Model. Ms. Joanne is a certified accountant with diverse experience in the fields of audit, manufacturing, investment holding and training. She has trained on various topics, namely, Budget & Variance Analysis for Accountants, Effective Credit Management for Results, VBA for Accountants, Financial Models using MS Excel and other finance related topics. Her training sessions are hands on and performance orientated hence both experiential and beneficial to participants. Continue reading
Jul 28, 2015: We had successfully completed another leadership training last Tuesday. This was one of the topics of our 6 days leadership training. It was recognized that communication skill takes a holistic approach to organization performance. Unfortunately, many professionals were facing difficulty when it came to win-win communication. Continue reading
Aug 3-4, 2015: Another 1 day practical training on Integrating Smart Technology for Result was successfully completed with various interesting learning. This training was conducted by our trainer, Ms. Joanne Kok. Being an experience trainer, she has frequently been invited to speak locally as well as overseas. Joanne is known of her practical and performance orientated delivery hence enhancing the effectiveness of the learning for participants. Continue reading