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Mar 8, 2015: We have just ended a mindset changed leadership training in our training centre. This lively training is the first step to personal effectiveness leadership training. With many years of experience in mindset leadership training, our Lead Trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng came out with this course that covers Johari Window - the 4 main quadrats where participants learned the elements to discover unknown potential, how to overcome fear by improving self-worth, the important criteria to gain respect and wisdom for participants to know themselves better as a LEADER. Continue reading
Feb 09 - 10, 2015: Many accountants found that using Excel's function alone is no longer able to further simplify their work. To solve the problem, many accountants need more advance technology skills to work. With our just concluded Excel VBA made simple training, it tends to address the above matter. Participants learn to read VBA, how to download VBA from online resources, jump start to make minor amendments on those internet VBA to suit their needs. Continue reading
MAR 3 - 4, 2015: Another interesting and practical excel program successfully completed in our training centre. Creative Excel for Productivity and Efficiency is one of our popular programs where it is the first entry level for all our Excel programs. Continue reading
JAN 26 - 27, 2015: Frustrated with never ending reporting? APPLIED Tech People offered this training to guide participants how to increase job productivity and efficiency with the help of Excel. This training filled with lots of tips and tricks for Finance and Accounting people. This is the first step for finance personnel to get to know about Financial Modelling. Continue reading
Dec 6 & 14, 2014: Looking for self-transformation? Frustrated with your reaction towards certain incident? Applied Tech People offered this psychology family therapy training to our participants encourage breaking through on the past, family of origin to understand themselves better. As we believe by knowing ones pitfall will enable them to focus on improving on their core quality. This will ultimately lead to better personal and working life. Continue reading
Nov 10 - 11, 2014:APPLIED Tech People conducted this training to guide you to learn neat excel functions and charts to create easy yet unique interactive dashboard report – plus combining what-if analysis with functions and buttons, for quick and interactive management analysis. Financial Dashboard uses visuals to present decision-support data to "Non-Finance" key management by one page summary of important financial information. Continue reading
Nov 17-18, 2014: Year end closes, we understand this is the most crucial time for HR Manager, Departmental Head to conduct annual appraisal. But how to conduct an effective appraisal is always a BIG question to many managers especially for calculation on bonus, increment, promotion or reward. As such, we designed this one-of-its kind training to ease our participants' hectic workload. Continue reading
Nov 26 - 27, 2014: Want to work smarter, learn more practical tips to increase efficiency? Last November we conducted this training and response was very good. This training filled with many Excel tips and tricks to increase job productivity and efficiency. Many features such as shortcut key, Pivot table, data validation and data transpose were taught in the training. Continue reading