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March 20th & 21st , 2017: We had just completed an In House training in our training centre. This is one of the most popular topics among all our Productivity & Efficiency training programs. The major learning of this training was the tips and tricks as well as practical applications of Excel functions & ability to prepare, edit and analyse any data resourcefully. Continue reading
5&6 September, 2016: This training was one of the most wanted trainings for our In-house training, an eye opener course for finance people to know about modelling trained by our experienced and capable trainer, Ms Shireen Ng. In this trainings, participants learned to the smart tips & tricks to leverage on Excel to increase job productivity and efficiency. The modules are customized specially for this class the trainer herself to meet the needs for the participants from finance and accounting background. The first phase is for the personnel to get fundamental quick step before proceed to next level of training in Financial Modelling. Continue reading
1&2 September, 2016: It is a great start for the month of September. APPLIED Tech once again successfully run the training program for Finance for Non-Finance Managers conducted by one our most experienced trainer, Ms. Joanne Kok. This training aim to helps managers who were not from the accounting background to understand the basic financial jargon and process. 'AEIL' & Capital expenditures as well as revenue were one of the most interesting challenges and exercises that the specially prepare for the participants. Participants were also encouraged to share their opinions and suggestions throughout the class. Continue reading
3&4 September,2016: Specially custom-made! APPLIED Tech have successfully conducted a very special training for Customized Building High Performance Team. The main objective for this program is to create awareness, building on trust and experience the 8 characteristics of high performing team. Participants consists of various background of job position making the learning is unique. Continue reading
17 & 18 Aug, 2016: We had successfully completed another public training on 5E in People Management. It is recognized that a successful leader needs to take a holistic approach to Identify and discuss today's leadership and people management challenges. It is never too late to maximize experienced mentoring and coaching among your crew. Continue reading
August 19,2016:Another successfully completed leadership conducted by APPLIED Tech Training Centre.This training gave participants a platform to listen and understand the deeper meaning of emotion@works. Participants were given profound knowledge how our perception and expectation affecting our feeling, behavior and reaction. Continue reading
July 18&19, 2016: Advanced charting & Essential Dashboard for Reporting training program was another successful inhouse training program that APPLIED Tech have conducted. Participants learned to use advanced excel functions to create charts and data reports, quick and effectively. Participants attend this training were introduced useful and practical Excel tips and tricks specifically on preparing and analysing the data using the right charts. Continue reading
July 22, 2016: APPLIED Tech People Development have successfully conducted a training for "High Impact Professional Business Writing" located at Johor. This training is conducted by Mr. Joshua which have more than 10 years of experience in communication. Continue reading
July 21&22, 2016: Another successful training conducted by APPLIED Tech People Development for our hottest topic, "Creative Excel for Productivity and Efficiency" lead by our trainer, Ms Shireen Ng. This topic is the fundamental step to to the next level. Here, participant will be exposed to the tips and tricks, creative and practical applications of functions and how to apply it back to work. Continue reading