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APPLIED Tech People Development has successfully conducted Lab 1 of LEAP leadership program From Evonik Asia Pacific (APEC) countries eg: China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and India. Participant's background is varying which consist of senior and new age managers with sub-ordinate reporting to them with different year of working experience. This series of Leadership program consist of 3 Labs and scheduled to complete in 5 months. This year, Lab 1 was conducted in Shanghai, China. Continue reading
Throughout the 2 days' courses, every participant has fully participated through it. The lab started off with an engaging and fun ice breaker activity, whereby all participants have warm up and actively participated in the lab. All participants have demonstrated strong commitment from the start till the end, to learn throughout the class. There was a good mix of participants coming from different background (R&D, Administrative, Sales, Manufacturing, HR, Quality Control, Accounts etc.). Continue reading
Nov, 2015: This workshop aimed to be a learning platform for participants to handle effectively challenges when dealing with both difficult or staff posed with good working attitude during corrective feedback. On top of that, participants also learned the important element to manage a team. With this workshop, participants also learned the fun to build trust and experienced the techniques to develop a high performing team. Continue reading
Nov 2015: Teijin EAGLES Leadership Learning Lab 2 was successfully completed. Throughout the training, our participants were engaged and involved in various activities that aimed to achieve different objective. Among all these activities, participants learned to appreciate the importance of talent retention, situation leadership, delegation, teamwork, change management. Continue reading
Sep 2015 : Throughout the workshop, our participants were involved in various activities that served for different learning objectives. The core learning of this workshop included the importance of teamwork to achieve high performance as well as effective communication skills. By using different case studies, participants experienced the real-life scenario through this customized workshop. Continue reading
June 2015-Leadership Effectiveness Accelerated Program (LEAP) is spread over a period of 4 months with 3 Labs with 3 Group Coaching. We have successfully carried out LEAP, Lab II in Shanghai, China last week. Participant for this program are senior manager & executive with sub-ordinate reporting to them. They are from 7 different countries such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, India, China and Singapore. Continue reading
June 2015-Our trainers, Mr Bryan Ng & Albert Ng has just completed a MPSS training for Sumitomo Shanghai on 15-16 of June 2015. There is a good mix of participants coming from different background namely Sales, Manufacturing, HR, Quality Control, Accounts etc. All of the participants are active in the class and demonstrated strong commitment from the start and throughout the class in which helping to create lively energy in classroom Continue reading
April 2015: Another new wonderful kick off for this year in Shanghai, China where a group of managers were gather together with the aim to focus and consolidate leadership understanding and skills through effective role play and discussions in order to learn, unlearn, relearn and have a deeper understanding of HUMAN PSYCHOLOGICAL in order to effectively shape and move the organization into a new height. Continue reading
April 2015: Every participant has fully participated throughout the 2 days. Participants were quite initially, but with the engaging and fun ice breaker, all participants warm up and started to actively participate in the lab. Continue reading