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Nov 2014: This November training with Sumitomo was the last training of the year 2014. With intention to make it the most remarkable event of 2014, Albert and me specially designed this training agenda not only to extend the core 'Sumitomo Spirit" to participants, but also imposed "Fishbowl" strategies into our training. This is one of the well known strategy that has frequently helps build community by focusing attention on the ways that particular group might work together more productively. Continue reading
Nov 2014: It's recognized that today's workplace is rapidly becoming vast, as the corporate environment expands to include workforce from different cultures and regions. What can be difficult – Cross Cultural Communication. By conducting many different leadership trainings in different countries, I recognized the mutual incomprehension that can sometimes arise between people from different cultures. Continue reading
Oct 2014: Teijin EaGLES Leadership Learning Lab was indeed one of the most eventful training we have this year. Throughout the training, our participants are engaged and involved in various activities that served for different purpose. Those activities aimed to strengthen team work among participants and distinguish ways to adjust one's leadership style appropriate to the situation. In this training, participants experienced and displayed the critical thinking skills as well as abilities to lead others toward common goals. Continue reading
Aug 2014: Another successful completion of Leadership training in Shanghai, China. Managers coming from various Sumitomo subsidiaries returned for the Lab 2 of the Leadership Program. This is one of the two Leadership training we are conducting for Sumitomo in China in 2014. Participants were eagerly engage in the learning and discussion. Continue reading
Jul 2014: The second learning lab for Murata where participants were exposed to transformational leadership management. Instead of theory based, this training was conducted in an interactive manner. A 2 Days intensive Train the Trainer Program is also conducted to groom their internal trainer in order to enable them to effectively provide the training internally. Continue reading