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Customized Building High Performance Team (September 3&4, 2016)

3&4 September,2016: Specially custom-made! APPLIED Tech have successfully conducted a very special training for Customized Building High Performance Team. The main objective for this program is to create awareness, building on trust and experience the 8 characteristics of high performing team. Participants consists of various background of job position making the learning is unique.



"Class activity conducted by Mr Bryan"

To ensure effective experiential learning activities is carried out and the time is well—used, the training is conducted indoor which is contradict to the norm. The positive climate helps the participants to encourage them to be open during the discussion, reflections as well as good insights into their blind spots. This helps a lot in building the relationship among the participants as well as establishing the trust between them. At the end of the sessions, the participants were given the opportunities to give feedback, acknowledge ad reconnect with each other.


This course was conducted by our lead trainers, Mr. Bryan Ng. Bryan is a very experienced trainer and was a Corporate General Manager of a Trading House. He has been conducting training for professionals nationally and internationally in transformational leadership for the past 14 years. Being the new edge leader, his diverse experience in leadership, management, finance as well as IT knowledge makes his training unique and is very well received by many participants. He has created may excellent breakthrough results within a short period of time and people attended his training find that his training is very easy to understand, systematic and practical. Bryan have MSc in Management Psychology (UK), CA, CIMA, MSP, Satir, and BSc in Accounting and Finance Management(UK).

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