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Effective Business Data Management and Analysis (16-17 Nov)

Nov 16-17, 2015: Another program that was successfully conducted in our training centre. This training provided a learning platform for participants to quickly apply amazing smart Excel tips and tricks to manage the pool of data even though the data arrived late to the department. They learned to massage, clean up the data within the shortest time.


 " Our Trainer, Ms. Joanne are explaining on some of the Excel functions " 

Our expert trainer, Ms. Joanne was a certified accountant with diverse experience in the fields of audit, manufacturing, investment holding and training. Having served as a Financial Controller during her career, she honed her managerial, operational as well as financial analytical skills to achieve goals beyond managing credit, inventory and business processes. She was known of her practical and performance orientated delivery hence enhancing the effectiveness of the learning for participants.


Participants had fun throughout the training. They worked on the challenges implemented by trainer at the end of each module. They learned to apply the skills immediately to solve the task.

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