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​Effective Business Data Management and Analysis

Oct 15-16, 2015: Our trainer, Ms. Joanne had successfully conducted a practical training on Effective Business Data Management & Analysis for one of the famous car manufacturer in Malaysia.


Many times when data arrived late yet we had to meet the deadline. Instead of wasting time to wait for supplier to provide the data, in this practical training our trainer shared her expertise to export data from system, clean up data, massage data for further analysis. It was a comprehensive 2 days training to manage huge data and turned raw data into useful data with shortest time ever.


On top of that, trainers threw a lot of questions to participants to digest and think how to relate what had been learned and applied at work. With case studies based exercises and challenges, participants were able to apply features into application immediately.


Ms. Joanne is a certified accountant with diverse experience in the fields of audit, manufacturing, investment holding and training. 

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