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Effective Data Consolidation for Accountants

Jul 20-21, 2015: Our trainer, Ms. Joanne had successfully conducted an in house training on Effective Data Consolidation for Accountants in our training centre. This training is one of our productivity & efficiency program. 

“Participants competing to solve challenges assigned”

The trainer, Ms. Joanne Kok is a certified accountant with diverse experience in the fields of audit, manufacturing, investment holding and training.  She is also an accredited GST consultant certified by Royal Malaysian Custom Department (RMCD). Joanne is known of her practical and performance orientated delivery hence enhancing the effectiveness of the learning for participants.

“Our energetic trainer demonstrating on shortcut key”

In this training, participants learned to consolidate financial data from diverse locations and across multiple accounts, performing multi-currency conversions and untangling outmoded spreadsheet based data collection processes. Trainer shared simple Excel tips and tricks as well as VBA making the monthly closing faster and more efficient while turning disparate data into useful, business critical information.

Some feedback from past participants:

“The functions or the topics which are frequently used are discussed in details so that all the participants are fairly confident to apply their learning at work. Thumb up!”

“The trainer is very knowledgeable and friendly. She is able to generate interest on the whole group and she knows our struggle as an accountant.”

“I suggest all finance personnel who need MS Excel in their routine work, should once attend this program to enhance their efficiency at different level.”
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