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Evonik LEAP: A World Leading Specialty Chemicals company in House Training

A World Leading Specialty Chemicals company in House Training – Shanghai, China

Leadership Effectiveness Accelerated Program for Asia Pacific Region

Duration: 2.5 Days Training

APPLIED Tech People Development once again has successfully conducted lab 1 of leadership training or better known as Leadership Effectiveness Accelerated Program (LEAP). The LEAP program is spread over 5 months with 3 labs. Lab 1 which conducted recently in Shanghai, China.

The objective of the training is to enhance the level of understanding in leadership skills throughout activities such as effective role play, discussion and sharing the ideas between team members in order to relearn and setting up back the new perspective and goal for the organization.

This year would the fourth year where we have been invited and given the trust to conduct the 3 labs of the LEAP Program. Both of our experienced trainers, Mr. Bryan and Mr. Albert were leading and facilitating the training. Overall, an exciting and intensive learning session are successfully conducted as the participants felt that they have gained and effective insight into human behavior as well as powerful management techniques and tools that they are ready to be applied once they are back at work. Positive feedback was also gain from both participants and their managers back at work

Participant’s background is varying which consist of senior manager and executive with sub-ordinate reporting to them with different year of experience coming from 5 different countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India and China. 


" Ice-breaking activity"


"Practice..practice and more practice. Corrective Feedback"


"Management forum by President of Great China region"


"Recap activity. Participants move around and explained in pairs the key learning before Q&A session."

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