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Finance for Non Finance Managers (September 1&2, 2016)

1&2 September, 2016: It is a great start for the month of September.  APPLIED Tech once again successfully run the training program for Finance for Non-Finance Managers conducted by one our most experienced trainer, Ms. Joanne Kok. This training aim to helps managers who were not from the accounting background to understand the basic financial jargon and process. ‘AEIL’ & Capital expenditures as well as revenue were one of the most interesting challenges and exercises that the specially prepare for the participants. Participants were also encouraged to share their opinions and suggestions throughout the class. 


In the class, the participant learned to understand financial information and interpret the financial statements to enhance quick decision making. With such understanding, participants were equipped with knowledge to comprehend important financial information in managing business entities as well as the relationship of corporate objective business unit and company financials. 


Ms. Joanne Kok is a certified Accountant (FCCA) by profession that couples with diverse experience in the fields with audit, manufacturing investment holding and training. She was trained by the Royal Malaysia Customs Department (RMCD), certified as GST Consultants by RMCD and licensed by the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia. Having served as a Financial Controller during her career, she honed her managerial, operational and financial analytical skills to achieve goals beyond managing credit, inventory and business processes. Joanne’s business mindedness and attention to detail have contributed million-dollar savings to the organizations she served.

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