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Financial Forecasting, What-If Analysis & Quick Feasibility Study

April 22-23, 2015: APPLIED Tech People has lately conducted a successful public training on “Financial Forecasting, What-If Analysis & Quick Feasibility Study”. This is one of the Financial Modelling training for finance personnel. The training objective of this program is enable participants to build Excel forecasting models that supports efficient decision making. This training was not only covered excel tips and tricks with time savings technique to build Financial Model, most importantly it also equipped participants with skills to prepare What-If Analysis, some simple Macro Recording to automate repetitive tasks.

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“Handy demonstration by our Lead Trainer.”

Participants were filled with practical application on Excel function through intensive challenging tasks assigned to them throughout the training. With a good mix of participants from different industry, the training was very lively when participants shared their own challenges in class.

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“Sharing from participants”

This hands-on training was conducted by our Lead Trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng who was the creator of this training program. With his strong finance background coupled with management experience and psychology skills, he was rated 10/10 by many of his past participants.

Trainer managed an awesome learning adult learning atmosphere where participants were helping each other to discuss and solve their issues.

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