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Financial Management Model for Data Analysis & Decision Making (May 19-20, 2016)

May 19-20, 2016: The course trainer, Ms. Joanne Kok is a certified accountant that coupled with vast industry background including audit, manufacturing, investment holding and training. She has trained on various topics, namely, GST Impact on Business Operation, Budget & Variance Analysis for Accountants, Effective Credit Management for Results, VBA for Accountants, Financial Models using MS Excel and other finance related topics. Her ability to reduce technical issues to practical problems and solutions is renowned and this allows her participants to apply their learning at work immediately.


This training was conducted for one of the Financial Institution in Malaysia. This training was the first step to enrol into other Financial Modelling training. Participants learned smart Excel tips and tricks how to build different models. In all training, Ms. Joanne emphasized on learning transfer, the same to this training. She took much effort prepared various real-life challenges to ensure learning effectiveness in the class. Participants enjoyed her training and walked out from the training with satisfaction.


Participants’ testimonials

I have been searching for this kind of practical course for a long time! “


“Unlike other trainers, Joanne shares good examples, very open and responsive.


“Overall I learn a lot of Excel tips & tricks, This is a very positive learning experience”

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