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Integrated Business Reporting Analysis

Jul 27 & Aug 20-21, 2015: We had customized this 3 days training to fulfill our clients’ need. This is a training that covered business data management, budget planning, coordination of budget and budgetary control. Different types of approaches in budgeting such as Zero Base Budget, Incremental Budgeting and Activity Based Budgeting were discussed.


 “Step-by-step guide to create Budgeting Models”

In this comprehensive training, participants were given lots of challenges and exercises that were customized to meet their daily job requirement. Ms. Joanne took much effort researched and prepared various real-life exercises to ensure learning effectiveness in her classes.

 Our expert trainer, Ms. Joanne Kok is a certified accountant that coupled with vast industry background including audit, manufacturing, investment holding and training. As one of the pioneer trainers in APPLIED Tech, she is well known of her practical and performance orientated delivery hence enhancing the effectiveness of the learning for participants. She is also an accredited GST consultant certified by RMC (Royal Malaysian Custom Department)

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