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Leadership in Team Development ( June 29, 2016)

June 29, 2016: Another successful in house training are conducted here,in our training centre. Contradict to the norm, this program are tailor made in order to meet the participant needs more specifically. The objectives of the team building are mainly focusing on creating awareness, building on trust and experience the 8 characteristics of a high performing team and the concepts of 5 stages of team formation. The main highlight is when participants are put into various activities where they "go live" and "wild" having lots of fun throughout the activities and all participant voice out their opinion too solve the puzzle.



"Class activities: Solve the maze "

The course trainer, Mr Bryan Ng, is an international speaker, specializing in coaching new and emerging managers. He has created excellent breakthrough results within a short period of time. People who have attended his trainings, find his training easy to understand, systematic and practical. He advocates practical, fun and smart learning throughout his training.


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