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MS Excel Advanced Excel VBA Made Simple for Professionals (10th-11th April, 2017)

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April 10th-11th, 2017: We had successfully conducted an in-house training on a topic called Excel VBA Made Simple recently in our training centre. This training programme is an entry program for participant who wanted to explore the power of Excel VBA. This program will provide concepts and practical tips and tricks of VBA programming. However, what made this program special is that participants are not forced to learn every function in VBA but focuses on the useful skills required to deal with Accountant’s daily task.

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From this training, participants learned to use macro recorder to record a task. At the same time, they learned to execute the task repeatedly using simple VBA programming. Trainer also demonstrated various quick ways to edit the existing VBA code to suit participants’ unique needs. This training was very practical. Participants were asked to work on the challenges implemented by trainer throughout the class.

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Our expert trainer, Ms. Joanne is a ACCA qualified accountant with diverse experience in the fields of audit, manufacturing, investment holding and training. Her exposure has broadened her business sense and management analytical skills, which she brought into the classroom and shared with her participants.  She was popularly demanded by clients because of her practical and performance orientated delivery style. It had hence enhanced the effectiveness of learning for participants.

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