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(Public Program) Advance Charting Essentials for Dashboard Reporting with MS Excel 2010

Nov 24 - 25, 2014: Are you working smart or working hard? Applied Tech People came out with this program “Integrating Smart Technology for Results” to share on how to leverage on the MS office, World, Excel & Powerpoint applications that are used commonly. Why work hard, why not work Smart with Technology!

In this program, participants will explore different type of charts available in Excel which include Scatter chart, Doughnut, Stock, Area, Bubble chart type. The smart tricks and techniques in Excel make the learning of charting become simple, fun and productive.

advance charting

Participant will LEARN and APPLY the techniques learn back to their work; that is our commitment to all participants. Besides, this program also include smart tips, practical applications and how one can creatively integrate various functions to create powerful charts.

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