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(Public Program)Financial Forecasting, What If Analysis & Quick Feasibility Study

Nov 03 - 04, 2014: Participants need to build 5 comprehensive financial forecast model which incorporates Fixed Assets, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow, inclusive of supporting worksheets.

Financial Forecasting

Model 1: Financial Forecast

In this training, participants are expose to the following technique :
•Build effective Financial Model quickly and systematically to meet business needs efficiently
•Prepare What-if analysis to support better Management Decision Making
•Understand the Do’s and Don’t’s in Building Financial Model using Excel
•Leverage on some Excel Functions to enhance the models
•Use Macro recording to automate certain repetitive

We received an good rating for this program. The rating is 8.7/10. Below is a participants’ testimonials. “This program helped me understand how to build financial models. Now I can build my own model and incorporate the flexibility to change it later….”

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