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(Public Program)High Impact Powerpoint: From Good to Awesome

Dec 15 - 16, 2014: Overloaded information in slides? Frustrated with preparing slides for Presentation? Not satisfied with your slides designs? Let’s APPLIED Tech People guide you a better way to create awesome slides in presentation.  Last December, we have successfully carried out a full house training on “High Impact Powerpoint: From Good to Awesome” that comes with many practical Learning Modules:

1. Leveraging on Preset Layout and Format
2. Power up using Smart Art Graphics
3. Transfer your 2D to awesome 3D slides
4. Interactive slide shows in your slides
5. Creating Summary Slides, Replace All Fonts, Hide Slides
6. Rehearsing Slide Show Timing, Custom Show & Its Usage 

High Impact Powerpoint1 

Trainer’s demonstration on PowerPoint features - “Virtual Screen”

This program aims to help professionals to create awesome slides or visual aids to compliment their presentation. The say of “A picture speaks a thousand words” is well proven in this training. A slide well prepared will not only deliver the message effectively but also help participant in delivery of the presentation! In this event, trainer provided a guided tour to participants to create awesome slides and let the slides DO the talking!
After the training, I received many fruitful participants’ testimonials. The overall rating for this program is 9/10. “Now I do not need to spend so much time thinking how to make it look more professional…” , one of the participant told me this.
At the end of the course, my participants learn how to effectively prepare and present slides clearly and concisely, leverage on MS Powerpoint to prepare professionally looking presentation without spending too much time , use various advance features to prepare the slides quickly and effectively , use Charts to replace text and many more

High Impact Powerpoint2

Discussion on my participants’ “SWEAT & BLOOD” slides

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