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Sumitomo MPSS Lab 1 Training, Shanghai China

Throughout the 2 days’ courses, every participant has fully participated through it. The lab started off with an engaging and fun ice breaker activity, whereby all participants have warm up and actively participated in the lab.  All participants have demonstrated strong commitment from the start till the end, to learn throughout the class. There was a good mix of participants coming from different background (R&D, Administrative, Sales, Manufacturing, HR, Quality Control, Accounts etc.).


Some of the participants have commented that while they have heard about the Sumitomo spirit previously, with the debriefing from Mr. Bryan has helped them to see even more insightful meaning behind it. Participants were encouraged to relate the Sumitomo spirits back to their works and life.


Participants has a deeper understanding of Sumitomo history as some of the participants also commented that they will share their knowledge on Sumitomo’s spirit with their subordinate and their colleagues when they go back to their office.


"   Ice-breaker Activity "


"Group discussion on Sumitomo Spirits"


Drawing from participants showing examples of how Sumitomo spirits being applied in the organization/ workplace. "


"The bus activity "


"Learning, sharing and discussion of Sumitomo Spirit"

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