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Sumitomo South China MPSS Training, Shenzhen, China

Nov 2014: This November training with Sumitomo was the last training of the year 2014. With intention to make it the most remarkable event of 2014, Albert and me specially designed this training agenda not only to extend the core ‘Sumitomo Spirit” to participants, but also imposed “Fishbowl” strategies into our training. This is one of the well known strategy that has frequently helps build community by focusing attention on the ways that particular group might work together more productively.

Sumitomo South China MPSS Training1

With no exception, we included different types of activities during the training to walk through with participants the effectiveness of coaching, situational leadership and corrective feedback. The whole training was conducted in a very casual atmosphere whereby participants were provided with opportunity to initiate informal discussion to learn and grow together as a team.

Sumitomo South China MPSS Training2


Sumitomo South China MPSS Training3

Our “Maze-Escaped Challenge”

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