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The Bridge Effective Communication Skills

Oct 6, 2015: APPLIED Tech has successfully conducted one of our most wanted leadership training, “The Bridge: Effective Communication Skills. This training was conducted by our Lead Trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng. He is a unique trainer who had extensive management and psychology expertise. He has been conducting training for professionals nationally and internationally in transformation leadership for the past 14 years.



“Role Play: Complain KING”


Trainer made this training very lively by encouraging all participants to join the role plays and group activities assigned. This training was designed as a very practical program so that participants can learn and practice the communication skills and techniques immediately in class and at work.


“Group Activity: Reflect Feeling”


It was an interesting training focused on understanding the empowerment of inner and inter communication skills. Participants learned to leverage on communication to create win-win solutions through 6 effective steps: Centred Listening, Asking Questions, Paraphrase, Summarize, Reflect Feeling, Body Language.


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Effective Communication Skills

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