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The Garden Paradigm Shift at Work ( July 27, 2016)

July 27, 2016: Another successful training conducted by APPLIED Tech for 'The Garden:Paradigm Shift at Work'. This program is specially custom--made to meet the participant needs and preferences.

Participants are exposed to the right skills and attitude that every good manager needs at work. Participants can apply the learning to enhance their professionalism, gain respect and at the same time have better skills in time management. Through this course, participant acquired the right mindset that is needed at work professionally and learned techniques to gain wisdom and respect and able to understand the differences of 'urgent' & 'important' to manage time effectively.

This course was conducted by our lead trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng. He has created excellent breakthrough results within a short period of time. Some of the projects have received excellent feedback and results - among them is the leadership programs conducted for one of the leading local banks and another from an established telecommunication company in Malaysia. People who attended his training will find his training easy to understand, systematic and practical. 

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