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Transform To Perform For Finance Leaders (Brunei)

Nov 16-17, 2015: Another successfully completed leadership training collaborated with our Brunei partner. Through this experiential training, Finance Leaders learned to transform and perform more than a ‘Watch Dog” and “Number Cruncher” and acquired the right mindset a new edge finance manager need.


" Some of the participant's that involved in Transform to Perform Finance Leaders event " 

From the group activities and interactive games, participants were exposed to understand the importance of managing tasks and people. A bonus of this training would be the tips and tricks trainer shared with participants on how to leverage on technology to perform better.


Our trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng is an expert trainer with a unique and rare combination of management + psychology expertise. Among some of the projects who have received excellent feedback and results is the leadership programs conducted for one of the leading local bank and established telecommunication Company in Malaysia.


Last Modified: November 20, 2015 12:06 PM
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