An Expert Trainer with a Unique and Rare Combination of Management + Psychology + Finance Expertise + Multi-lingual & Cultural Background!

Training Experience

Recognized as a leadership keynote trainer and mentor, I have been conducting training for professionals nationally and internationally in transformational leadership and coaching for the past 14 years. I have worked closely with presidents, CEOs to design as well as implement strategic change and leadership development initiatives. On top of that, I also trained thousands of corporate or organizational executives to expand leadership, people management as well as self-development skills. Over the years, I have been engaged by many local and foreign organisations as a trainer, a consultant and as an expert.

My unique training method combines teachings with positive psychology and creative thinking into comprehensive integrated, behaviorally effective mind program. Many of clients throughout the world have personally experienced my practical training approach and commitment to learning transfer principles. 

As a pioneer trainer engages experiential learning methodology in training, I support and expose my participants on strategies of personal and corporate excellence including coaching, leadership skills, communication, team bonding and conflict resolution. I apply my expertise and creativity in consistently innovating key leadership, communication and performance management best practices to produce clear, effective and confident leaders.

Corporate Management Experience

Prior to corporate training, I have been working for more than I0 years. My last role was serving as a Corporate General Manager with overall mission to transform the business to a professional organisation. I oversees the total operations and was managing 10 different agencies. I spearheaded the changes by recruiting young professionals into the organisation and helping new managers to fit in and creating new attitude in the organisation. With the new professional team, we have successfully set up sustainable systems and processes to allow the Company to expand even further and increase job productivity.

Before that, I was the Financial Analyst in a reputable US based multinational company in the FMCG industry. My work involved forecasting, building financial models to support management decision making. I was also involved in managing the first Supply Chain Project (Efficient Consumer Response) where I am required to understand the market dynamic of change and performed feasibility studies, analyse and helped management in assessing the risk and return of the project.


I carry out training for many government agencies and corporate companies as well as collaborate closely with clients to devise strategy on leadership management, corporate and employee communications, corporate change management initiatives, financial strategy and crisis management. Among some of the projects which have received excellent feedback and results is the leadership programs conducted for one of the leading local banks and established telecommunication Company in Malaysia. I have been travelling to China frequently to conduct Leadership Program for the biggest Home Appliances every year since 2008. My mission is to provide expert advice to organisations which seek professional leadership assistance in order to move ahead towards a developed and healthy working environment.

Training Photos

UC Breakthrough in Personal Effectiveness - Jerating, Mal, 2014    UC Breakthrough in Personal Effectiveness - Jerating,
Mal, 2014
     ACACIA Janda Baik Outbound Training
Mal, 2011
      Acacia Leadership Development Program
Mal, 2012
      ACCA Leadership Training - Johor
Mal, 2011

      Teijin EAGLE Leadership Program Knoxville
USA, 2012
      BSH Leadership Development - Chu Zhou
China, 2011
      BSH Top Mngt Workshop - Nanjing
China, 2013
      Teijin EAGLE Leadership Program - Dinner 2 Knoxville
USA, 2010
EAGLE Leadership Training Program - Nantong
China, 2012
      Evonik lab Leadership Training Program
China, 2013
      Haier Leadership Development Program
China, 2007
      Haier Leadership Training - Qingdao
China, 2008
      Teijin EAGLE Leadership Program - Dinner 1 Knoxville
USA, 2010
      JoeOne Paradigm Shift @work - Quanzhou
      Lien Hing - Leadership Training
      MIA Eff Communication Skills - JB

      Sumitomo Leadership Training Program - ShenZheng
      Teijin EAGLE Leadership Training Program - Nantong,
China, 2011
      Toshiba Leadership Development Program
Mal, 2007
      Transform to Perform Finance Leader
Brunei, 2013
UC Retreat II - Cherating, Pahang
Mal, 2014
      Yuan Dong Leadership Training Program - Yixing
China, 2011
      Yuan Dong Leadership Development - Yi Xing
China, 2012
      Teijin Train the Trainer - Bangkok
Thailand, 2011