Training that can CHANGE your life…

My Delivery Style

I develop Transformational Leadership model to make a difference in the lives of people. Everything about my leadership training and speaking reflects one commonality, I believe in the natural goodness of people and that bringing that goodness out creates greater relationships and emotions which in turn create better organizations. My major practical leadership training includes people management, mindset organization, effective communication and influencing skills as well as individual or group coaching. My training course is very different compared to any leadership program in the market. All of my courses come with interesting interactive activities with creative application teaching and learning methodologies that are unique in local as well as international market.

Fast paced solutions, creative techniques and innovative ideas coupled with my expertise in Psychology + Management facilitate me as a fully dedicated and passionate trainer. As all my courses are designed and conducted by practitioners who have worked many years in the corporate world in various key people management and reporting roles, all my courses are focusing on " Application”. My objective is to ensure my participants learn to apply the learning to solve the challenges one is facing at work and at the same time develop high performance teams.

Being a leadership guru or mentor with a heart in bringing out the best in people, I pass on my knowledge and skills to my participants. As a well groomed international speaker specializing in coaching new and emerging managers, I have conducted training in Malaysia, China, USA, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei. My areas of expertise are leadership development, organization development and effectiveness, strategic planning, focus group facilitation, team building, and change management.

 “I provide remarkable and innovative delivery methods to help lead positive change in you and your organization.”