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I read a book recently, the author described great leaders as great mountains. He said some mountains are so sharp and rocky at the top that it made people feel uncomfortable standing at the top of the mountain. Nevertheless, there are a handful of the great mountains that are flat at the mountain top. People feel comfortable and may not even realize they are standing at the top of the mountain.
I can’t help but to agree with it. A great leader is like a great mountain, knowledgeable, powerful, talented and strong! However, there are so many that made their subordinates, peers and others feel uncomfortable, forceful or inferior. However, a true leader is of course equally strong, influential and knowledgeable. But what made them different is others feel comfortable being with them. What is the missing link? These leaders generally are humble and considerate.
I have met many great mountains recently. I was invited to conduct a Train the Trainer Program in China twice recently. The training aims to transition a 6 days Management Program to the local Chinese trainers.
There are altogether 11 Chinese trainers, 5 ladies and 6 men. Guess what… there was 1 with a PhD degree, a few who have conducted Train the Trainer themselves, 2 with many years of Human Resource experience and have seen many great trainers and many more…. Well, with such background, I went in with great caution! …. To my surprise, I was greeted with warm welcome and smiling faces. These trainers are very knowledgeable but humble at the same time. They are willing to put themselves down as a student while learning and yet when being asked questions or invited to share thoughts, they are able to provide meaningful insights into the subject matters. Overall it was a very successful train the trainer program and all of them enjoyed and provided very good feedback about the training. I can’t help but to recall the above story and at the end of the session share with them my feeling of them.

高山: 伟大的领导者
曾阅读过南怀瑾的一本书。书中描述有一些山峰和其周围的岩石是尖锐的。当人站在其中,会感觉不舒服。但是,也有极少数的山峰,它们的山顶是平坦的。人在这些山峰上是舒适自在的,全然没有意识到他正处于山峰上。 伟大的领导者就像一座高山。知识渊博,充满能量,才得兼备富才华且坚强!然而,许多领导者却让下属,同事和周遭的人感到不舒服,不满甚至自卑。不同的是,真正的领袖,是具有让人感觉信念坚定且众所瞻望的魅力。
这让我想起几年前我被邀请到中国担任 “导师培训班”(Train The Trainer)的导师。此培训目的是培训本土导师。共有十一位资深的中国导师,其中包括博士,知识广博并拥有人力资源经验的导师,更有“导师培训班”的导师参与这项课程。
在这高手如云的情境下,我决定了以不变应万变,尽我所能把所会的分享给大家。令我惊讶的是这些导师都愿意以“空杯”的学习态度分享各自的想法。通过此课程,大家都获益良多,并给予极高的评价。 在学后分享环节里,我引用了高山的故事来勉励大家。大家的反馈是..“老师!是您发自内心的真诚感动了我们,是你无私地分享让我们终生收益! “ 这让我领悟到高山的真谛!伟大,平坦的高山需要一颗真诚,谦卑的心,才能引领出其他的高山”