OUR TRAINING METHODOLOGY: Step-by-Step Systematic Learning Approach in line with Adult Learning Principles
Our Training Methodology is designed to incorporate various interventions and approaches in order to ensure effectiveness of learning which would lead to positive behavioural change in our participants: 

Kolb Model

Kolb’s Experiential Learning Model

The program has been designed as closely in line with Kolb’s experiential learning model (1996) as possible.   Experiential learning model is based on the assumptions that ideas are formed and re-formed through experience.

Orientation to Learning : Focuses primarily on addressing the participant’s immediate concerns.  When training can be organised by starting with the common adult’s problems or concerns, it draw the attention of the learners.

Assured & Safe Climate: Trainer creates an accepted, respected and supported climate for learning, especially in providing feedback on participant’s performance, allowing participant to feel free to express without fear of punishment and direct oneself in learning.


Focuses on Practical Applications : Through experiential learning (Kolb D.A., 1984), participants will learn how to practically applied (Gist et al., 1989; Simon S. & Werner J.M., 1996)) at work create stronger ‘buy-in’ in learning.   

Multi Directional Interaction:Breakaway from the traditional ‘one direction’ classroom approach but allowing active classroom interaction In line with adult learning principles .